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Business Edition Premise overview


The Business Edition Premise platform consists of a set of three virtual machines (VMs), installed on a single Dell R430 server running VMware ESXi 6.0. The platform includes the following features and components:

  • Genesys software components, such as Framework, 3rd party Components (Apache Tomcat), eServices, Routing, and SIP Server, and the PostgreSQL configuration database
  • Database features, including MS SQL Server, Genesys DB Servers, Genesys InfoMart, and RAA
  • Genesys Voice Platform features, including Voice Platform components such as Media Control Platform and Resource Manager
  • User interfaces, such as Genesys Administrator and Genesys Administrator Extension, Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE), Pulse, and GI2

After installation and initial configuration, customers can extend the Business Edition Premise server with additional Genesys applications and functionality.

User interfaces

The table lists the key components used to control settings and reports. The component name links to its documentation home page.

Component Role
Genesys Administrator User and extension configuration, Outbound management
Genesys Administrator Extension Web-based product that simplifies operation management with the ability to provision, deploy, and monitor all Genesys applications
Workspace Desktop Edition UI for agents and supervisors
Universal Contact Server Manager Email contact management
Composer Email deployment (and potential customization of voice and email routing)
Knowledge Manager Email configuration
Genesys Interactive Insights Historical reporting
Pulse Real-time reporting

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