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eServices application


The Business Edition Premise eServices application allows you to install and configure the optional Email and Chat routing solutions. If you are not installing Email or Chat, you can ignore these steps.

You cannot install Chat as a standalone application. You can only install Chat if you have also installed and activated the Email routing application.

For more information about eServices, see the eServices documentation page.

Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) is installed during eServices deployment in a "chat-only" mode and does not use any Cassandra functionality, embedded or external. If you want complete GMS functionality, you must install and configure the full version of GMS, along with a compatible version of Cassandra.

Before you start

The Genesys Deployment Agent (GDA) service must be manually enabled on the core and db VMs before you deploy the eServices application.

To do this:

  • Find the GDA service in your list of Windows services. (It should be in a not started/disabled state.)
  • In the Properties, change the startup type to Manual.
  • Start the GDA service.

Do this for both the core and db VMs. The eServices deployment process will stop and disable the GDA service on both VMs after it is successfully deployed.


The following steps describe how to deploy the eServices application. Note that the deployment process can take up to ten minutes to complete.

WATCH: This video shows the eServices application deployment for BEP 8.5.000:

  1. In GAX, go to Administration > Solution Definitions and select Genesys eServices Single Host Deployment.
  2. Click Related (it's the gear icon) and select Install.
  3. Use the default values, except for the following:
    • Check or uncheck Activate chat-media support, depending on whether or not you want to activate chat.
    • Database Administrator Name: sa
    • Database Administrator Password: G3n35y5!

    For BEP 8.5.000: You also need to enter the following (otherwise, skip to the next step):

    • Interaction Server Database User Name: genesys_ixn
    • Interaction Server Database Password: Genesy$_0_ixn
    • ICON Database User Name: genesys_icon_mm
    • ICON Database User Password: Genesy$_0_icon_mm
  4. You will also need to set the POP Account Parameters. (You can add up to 20 POP accounts.)
    For BEP 8.5.000: The eServices application deployment requires separate user names and passwords for the Interaction Server and ICON databases. While you can choose to use any existing user names, the passwords for those accounts will be overwritten by the ones entered during deployment. Keep this in mind, as any differences in the passwords could impact an existing configuration.

    Next Steps: After eServices is installed, you can deploy the Business Edition Premise Email and Chat routing applications.

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