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Requesting licenses

To request Genesys and VMware licenses for Business Edition Premise, complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare an email request containing the following details:
    • Your software order number or purchase order number.
    • The Core VM NIC MAC address (this is for the Genesys software license). If you do not know the MAC address, and your server was provided by Genesys, you can find it on the label of the box in which your server was shipped. Otherwise, contact your Genesys Partner.
    • For existing deployments, include a copy of your existing license file.
    • For non-revenue orders, you should request licenses only if you are upgrading to a major version release (for example, if you are upgrading version 7.x to 8.x).
  2. Send the email request to the appropriate Genesys contact for your geographical region:

The response time for license requests is typically 2-3 days.

For more information about licenses, refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide.

The BEP VM image is only available to Genesys BEP Partners (Genesys Partners who have signed the BEP Partnership Addendum), who will use the image to stage a complete system for delivery to customers.
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