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Cut/Copy/Paste an Object

You can cut, copy, or paste categories, standard responses, field codes, and screening rules. The general procedure is:

  1. Select the object.
  2. Click the stack of pages file:EsMgr852_cutcopy-icon.png icon, and select Cut, Copy, Paste or Paste to Root.

You can cut, copy, or paste any object, including root categories.

  • When you cut an object, it disappears from its original location only after you paste it somewhere else—except that if you cut a category that has a linked screening rule, the screening rule remains in its original location.
  • You can also delete any object by selecting it, then clicking the Delete icon.
  • If you paste an object into a location that includes an object with the same name, the pasted object is renamed Copy_of_<name>.
  • Starting in release 8.5.2, you can paste screening rules across tenants as a part of a category tree.
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