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Asynchronous Chat

Asynchronous (async) chat in Genesys Chat Solution means:

  • Conducting single chat session between a customer and a contact center for a long period of time (could last for days).
  • Providing the possibility for an agent to return a chat session back into the workflow (in other words, putting it into dormant state), and to reconnect to chat session later (through workbin or contact history).
  • Providing the possibility for a workflow to wake up a dormant chat session for processing upon detecting customer activity or upon the expiration of async inactivity control timeout. Workflow tries to route the interaction to the last handling agent for some period of time before sending it to any other available agent.

This section includes information on the following topics:

Topic Description
Overview A general overview of how to enable async chat capabilities
Sample Workflow Deployment A procedure on how to deploy the workflow sample as well as information on testing

Other useful topics

For information on how Async chat works with Workspace Desktop Edition, see Asynchronous Chat in Workspace Desktop Edition.

For information on how Async chat works with Widgets, see Asynchronous Chat in Widgets.

For information on historical reporting, see Integrating Chat Server with Genesys Historical Reporting in this guide.


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