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Description of Chat Protocol Elements

Chat Protocol user types and visibility levels

The following user types are defined in both (flex and basic) chat protocols:

User type Represents Description Possible visibility level
CLIENT A customer The only one type available through flex protocol when starting chat session ALL
AGENT An agent Used by agent desktop ALL, INT
SUPERVISOR An agent with supervisor capabilities A supervisor can monitor chat session invisibly for other chat participants ALL, INT, VIP
EXTERNAL Workflow Used for messages and notices sent from routing strategies ALL, INT, VIP
SYSTEM Chat Server Used by the server for special notifications (for example, idle control notices) ALL, INT, VIP
Note: Agent and Supervisor user types can also be used by bots. This is specified by the presence of GCTI_Chat_PartyStyle=BOT in the userdata and/or by GCTI_SYSTEM.party-info.style='BOT' in the event attributes.

The visibility levels are defined in the table below:

Visibility level Represent a mode Description
ALL Conference Used by default to conduct a conversation between chat participants
INT Coaching Can be used by Agents and Supervisors to communicate invisibly from a customer
VIP Monitoring Can be used by Supervisors to invisibly monitor chat participants' activity
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