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Managing Data Feeds

When you are ready to begin running your data feeds on an ongoing basis, you will have some additional options that you can use:

  • All of the mapped data feeds will be listed under the Run option and can be turned off or on by selecting the slide bar next to the data feed name.
  • If adjustments need to be made to the data extraction parameters (that is, where the data files are saved), you can right-click the Data Adaptor and select Configure Extractor(s), which will then take you back to the data source screen.
  • Specific date ranges can be selected to import data from past weeks instead of new data and vice versa.
    • To import data between a specific date range, select Between and then select the date range that you wish to query.
    • To import all data after a specific date, select Between and then select a start date, but leave end date blank.
    • To import all data before a specific date, select Between and then select an end date, but leave the start date blank.
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