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Customize Metrics Decimal

The Customize Metrics Decimal feature allows you to edit the number of decimal places for each individual metric that is displayed within the Genesys Decisions user application. This includes any of the modules as well as the main grid, reports, and so on.

  1. In the administration module, select Settings > Customize Metrics Decimal.
  2. Expand the metric group to expose the metric for which you want to change the number of decimal places displayed.
  3. Double-click the corresponding cell in the No. of Decimal Places column. Input a value according to the number of decimal places to be displayed. Note that “1” is tenths, “2” is hundredths, “3” is thousandths, and so on. To display no decimal places, enter zero.
  4. To find a specific metric, use the Search field to type a whole or partial metric name, which will then display the results.
  5. To apply the setting changes, click the Update button and close.
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