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What's New in Bot Gateway Server for 9.0

The following new features were added in the release:

This is the first Generally Available release for this product.

General functionality

  • Bot Gateway Server provides a platform to deploy bots that communicate via Chat Server with one or multiple input channels such as web chat, SMS, or messaging apps. Each bot is started and controlled by a workflow.
  • Bot Gateway Server allows you to:
    • Connect a bot to a chat session in one of three different visibility modes: conference, coaching, and monitoring.
    • Run a bot either in waiting (the interaction is not routed until bot finishes) or parallel (the interaction is being routed or processed by an agent) mode.

Rich Media capabilities

Bot Gateway Server API provides bots with the ability to:

  • Send outbound structured messages and access incoming structured messages (replies).
  • Send and receive file attachments (images, audio, video, documents, and more).
  • Read standard responses from Universal Contact Server (UCS) for the purpose of sending structured messages and file attachments.
  • Render field codes for structured messages.
  • Process an error or a notification from a channel (such as Apple Business Chat) that might occur during the delivery of an outbound message.
  • Send emojis in chat messages.

Historical reporting

Bot Gateway Server provides historical reporting via Kafka integration.

Bot Gateway Server

Bot Gateway Server (BGS) is part of the PureEngage Digital (eServices) platform. BGS provides an integration platform for deploying various chat bots that participate in chat sessions conducted by Chat Server. It is implemented as an eServices Digital Messaging Server (DMS) driver.

What's New

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Bot Gateway Server

Bot Gateway Server


Bot Gateway Server Administration Guide

Get recommendations for how to deploy and develop Bot Gateway Server.

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