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Two-Step Migration

If you have a large quantity of data to migrate from WFM 6.5 to WFM 7.6 or later, you might choose to do a two-step migration—also known as a large data set migration. Any migration interrupts performance data collection; using this procedure ensures that only the smallest amount of data is lost.

During a two-step migration, you first migrate from 6.5 to 7.6 without performance data (see the AllowMigratePerformance configuration option in the Options section of the WFM Client Application). The WFM 7.6 Data Aggregator continues to run, collecting performance data for the migration period.

Next, migrate the performance data from 6.5 to 7.6. Performance data that is collected by WFM 7.6 Data Aggregator is present in the 7.6 database at the same time. The second migration of performance data takes a relatively short amount of time and results in a minimal amount of uncollected data. You can only update the database to an 8.x version after completing the second migration.

Do not collect performance data from your 7.6 WFM Data Aggregator before migrating the performance data collected by your 6.5 Data Aggregator. Otherwise, the 6.5 performance data will overwrite the 7.6 data for the same time period.

Two-step migration

Purpose: To minimize the loss of real-time data while migrating 6.5 your database.

Prerequisites: You are currently running WFM 6.5 and migrating to WFM 7.6.x.

Start of procedure

  1. Shut down all WFM 6.5 components except Data Aggregator.
  2. In Genesys Administrator, create the AllowMigratePerformance configuration option in the WFM 7.6.x WFM Client Application.
  3. Set the AllowMigratePerformance option value to 0.
  4. Start the 7.6 WFM Database Utility.
  5. After it is fully operational, select Migrate Database and follow the instructions in the wizard to perform the migration (from the 6.5 WFM Database).
  6. Start the WFM 7.6.x Data Aggregator.
    This action ensures that new performance data is captured and written to the 7.6.x database during the time it takes to perform the performance data migration.
  7. Optional: Shut down WFM 6.5 Data Aggregator to make migration of the remaining 6.5 data faster.
  8. Shut down WFM 7.6.x Database Utility.
  9. In Genesys Adminstrator, go to the WFM Client Application properties, and set the AllowMigratePerformance option value to 1.
  10. Start your WFM 7.6.x Database Utility.
  11. Select the Migrate Performance Data option in the WFM Database Utility and follow the instructions in the wizard to perform the migration.

End of procedure

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