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Migration Overview

The procedures for configuring and installing Workforce Management (WFM) components is the same whether you are migrating, updating, or installing them for the first time. Be sure to use the same major version for all components, for example, all 8.5.2 components.

See Installing Workforce Management in the Workforce Management Administrator’s Guide for configuration and installation procedures.

The procedures in this guide include only steps that are specific to migrating from previous product releases. Procedures that all users of Workforce Management must perform are documented in Installing Workforce Management and Manually Creating and Configuring Application Objects. Be sure to check the Workforce Management Administrator’s Guide before beginning the migration.

Workforce Management versions

You can update to any WFM 8.5 release from any WFM 8.x or 7.x release, or migrate a 6.5 release.

When you deploy WFM, ensure all components are within the same release stream. For example, if you are using an 8.5.x database, ensure all other WFM components are version 8.5.x.

Using the correct procedure

You use different procedures when you migrate an 8.x or 7.x database than when you migrate a WFM 6.5 database, because the WFM database design was changed after the 6.5 release.

When migrating from 6.x, you create a new database and transfer the data. When migrating from 8.x or 7.x, you perform the migration on the same database, by updating schema and data (if necessary).

If you are currently running a release of Workforce Management earlier than, the WFM Database Utility changes the original database structure during the update process in such a way that you can no longer use your original database in your existing environment. Genesys recommends that you backup your database before beginning your migration.

When migrating WFM 8.x or 7.x, complete the following steps in this order:

  1. Check Prerequisites
  2. Plan for Down Time
  3. Disable Access to WFM
  4. Stop WFM Server Components
  5. Back Up Your Database
  6. Migrate WFM
  7. Uninstall Old and Deploy New WFM Version
  8. Verify Your Connections and Settings
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