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Service and Control Tables

This topic describes the Service and Control tables in the Workforce Management (WFM) ETL Database schema that are relevant for customer use. Other Service and Control tables (for example, WM_DB_VERSION) are internal tables that are not relevant for customers.


The CTL_ETL_HISTORY table in the WFM ETL Database schema parallels the CTL_ETL_HISTORY table in the Genesys Info Mart database, to indicate the status of ETL processing. A row is added to this table after each job completes.

The ETL cycle is broken down into many small tasks for different types of data and date periods, and the CTL_ETL_HISTORY table is a useful indicator of the status of ETL processing. Failure of even a single small task will result in a value of FAILED in the STATUS field for the whole ETL job. Therefore, a value of FAILED does not necessarily indicate that there is a major ETL problem requiring immediate attention. Genesys recommends that you start monitoring ETL processing more closely if the STATUS field in the table shows a persistently recurring value of FAILED.


The CTL_AUDIT_LOG table in the WFM ETL Database schema parallels the CTL_AUDIT_LOG table in the Genesys Info Mart database, to allow facts and dimensions to be described by data lineage attributes.

More Information

For more information about the CTL_ETL_HISTORY and CTL_AUDIT_LOG tables in the Info Mart database, see the Genesys Info Mart Physical Data Model for a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

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