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Document Change History

This topic summarizes the document change history, describing what is new or has changed significantly in the specified version of this Workforce Management (WFM) ETL Database Reference.

Document Version 8.5.214

  • The Overview was updated to include information about the CTL_ETL_HISTORY and CTL_AUDIT_LOG tables.
  • A new page Service and Control Tables was added to describe the CTL_ETL_HISTORY and CTL_AUDIT_LOG tables.

Document Version 8.5.212

  • The WFM_PERF_ITEM_DAY and WFM_PERF_ITEM_TIMESTEP Fact tables have been updated to show the WFM_PERF_ITEM_VALUE parameter as optional (no longer mandatory).
  • The description of the WFM_ACTUAL_WORK_DURATION parameter in the WFM_ADH_AGENT_DAY and WFM_ADH_AGENT_TIMESTEP Fact tables has been updated to provide clarity.

Document Version 8.5.207

Document Version 8.5.203

Document Version 8.5.202

  • Two new columns WM_HOURLY_WAGE and WM_SENIORITY were added to the WFM_AGENT Dimension table.

Document Version 8.5.201

Document Version 8.5.101

  • The Document Change History page was added.
  • The New in This Release topic was removed from this guide. New in this release information is now found on the Workforce Management landing page. See the Workforce Management 8.5 Release Information.
  • A new WFM_BU_KEY was added to the WFM_AGENTS Dimension table together with a description of this key.

Document Version 8.5.001

This is the initial version of this document.

This page was last modified on May 15, 2019, at 04:28.


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