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Translation Rules Section

The section name is specified by the inbound-translator-<n> option. It contains options that define the translation rules for inbound numbers.

You can choose any name for this section, provided that it matches the value of the section. Every option in this section corresponds to a rule and must conform to the format described below. You can configure as many rules as necessary to accommodate your business needs.


Default Value: No default value
Valid Value: Any valid string in the following format:

  • in-pattern=<input pattern value>;out-pattern=<output pattern value>

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Defines a rule to be applied to an inbound number. The two parts of the option value describe the input and output patterns in the rule. When configuring the pattern values, follow the syntax defined in Using ABNF for Rules. See, Configuring Number Translation for examples of these rules as well as detailed instructions for creating rules for your installation. For example, a value for this configuration option might look like this:

  • rule-01 = in-pattern=0111#CABBB*ccD;out-pattern=ABD
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