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T-Server Common Configuration Options

This section describes the configuration options that are generally common to all T-Server types, with some exceptions noted. This section contains the following topics:

Setting Configuration Options

Unless specified otherwise, set T-Server common configuration options in the Options of the Application object, using one of the following navigation paths:

  • In Genesys Administrator—Application object > Options tab > Advanced View (Options)
  • In Configuration Manager—Application object > Properties dialog box > Options tab

Mandatory Options

Except as noted for certain environments, the configuration of common options is not required for basic T-Server operation.

Security Section

The Security section contains the configuration options that are used to configure secure data exchange between T-Servers and other Genesys components. Refer to the Genesys 8.0 Security Deployment Guide for complete information on the security configuration.

Timeout Value Format

This section of the document describes the values to use for those T-Server common options that set various timeouts. The current format allows you to use fractional values and various time units for timeout settings.

For timeout-related options, you can specify any value that represents a time interval, provided that it is specified in one of the following formats:



[hours hr][minutes min][seconds sec][milliseconds msec]

Where a time unit name in italic (such as hours) is to be replaced by an integer value for this time unit.

Integer values with no measuring units are still supported, for compatibility with previous releases of T-Server. When you do not specify any measuring units, the units of the default value apply. For example, if the default value equals 60 sec, specifying the value of 30 sets the option to 30 seconds.

Example 1

The following settings result in a value of 1 second, 250 milliseconds:

sync-reconnect-tout = 1.25sync-reconnect-tout = 1 sec 250 msec

Example 2

The following settings result in a value of 1 minute, 30 seconds:

timeout = 1:30timeout = 1 min 30 sec

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