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Transfer Connect Service Options


Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: Any valid DN number
Changes Take Effect: For the next request for the remote service

Specifies the TCS DN number to which a call, processed by the TCS feature, is dialed after the originating external router obtains an access number. This option applies only if the tcs-use option is activated.


Default Value: never
Valid Values:


The TCS feature is not used.


The TCS feature is used for every call.


In order to use the TCS feature for a multi-site call transfer request, a client application must add a key-value pair with a TC-type key and a nonempty string value to either the UserData or Extensions attribute of the request.

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies whether the Transfer Connect Service (TCS) feature is used.

Warning: For compatibility with the previous T-Server releases, you can use the value up-app-depended for this option. This is an alias for app-defined.

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