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Command Line Examples

Following are some examples of command line.

Example 1: To remove entries from just one table

  java -jar DataPurgeUtility.jar -h -p 9042 -t context_tree_new.events_by_type_name -c ts 
  -d 30 -a event_type event_name -pk 0 –prk 1

This command line example applies to a table definition as described below..

CREATE TABLE context_tree_new.events_by_type_name (<br>
    event_type int,
    event_name text,
    ts timestamp,
    app_type text,
    event_id uuid,
    eventdetails blob,
    hourkey text,
    level int,
    msg text,
    seconds bigint,
    sent boolean,
    status boolean,
    PRIMARY KEY ((event_type, event_name), ts)<br>

Example 2: To remove entries from a set of tables, where they entries are stored in a file table_specs.txt

  java -jar DataPurgeUtility.jar -h -p 9042 -d 30 -f C:\\table_specs.txt

Example 3: To remove log files from the disk

 java -jar DataPurgeUtility.jar -h -p 9042 -log_path c:\logs\wb_server\
 -recursive -log_file_extensions log

Example 4: To perform Cassandra compactions

 java -jar DataPurgeUtility.jar -h -p 9042 -cassandra_bin_path 
 bin -perform_compaction -cassandra_jmx_port 17199

Example 5: To perform Cassandra compactions and set Time-To-Live (ttl)

java -jar DataPurgeUtility.jar -h -p 9042 -cassandra_bin_path 
bin -perform_compaction -cassandra_jmx_port 17199 -set_ttl
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