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Known Issues and Recommendations

Genesys Pulse

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Genesys Pulse. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

Genesys Pulse does not fully support the iPad and you might see various artifacts.

User's widget may be changed without notification if administrator made a change in the source widget template and perform "Save and Propagate" action with enabled "Overwrite Display Options for selected widgets." checkbox.

A removed widget can appear in the Widget Management for the current user if the user has not visited the Dashboard or Wallboard containing the removed widget.
Workaround: Navigate to the Dashboard or Wallboard containing the removed widget.

ID: WBRT-11580 Found In: Fixed In: 

If a shared Dashboard or Wallboard without any title was published using API, it might cause the "Unknown Error" error message on Dashboard/ Wallboard management screens, Create/Open Dashboard/ Wallboard, and Publish Dashboard/ Wallboard modal dialogs.
Workaround: Remove shared Dashboard or Wallboard without a title using API.

ID: WBRT-11468 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse uses configuration of Aeron only from Genesys Pulse Collector, configured on the same host.

ID: WBRT-10961 Found In: Fixed In: 

It is not possible to edit the template or create a new widget from the imported from another environment template in case when Genesys Pulse Collector(s) were assigned manually to that template and the Manual Collector Binding feature is disabled in the targeted environment.
Workaround: Enable the Manual Collector Binding feature by setting the value of the Genesys Pulse option enable_manual_collector_binding to true. After the template editing or widget creation is finished, the feature can be disabled.

ID: WBRT-10639 Found In: Fixed In:

If you have read-only access to Dashboard, Wallboard, or Widget templates on a tenant and you attempt to move the template objects from one folder to another folder on the same tenant, you might encounter an Access Forbidden error message, although the requested operation will be completed successfully in Configuration Server.

ID: WBRT-9612 Found In: Fixed In:

Users cannot successfully move Dashboard, Wallboard, or Widget templates between two tenants if they do not have read access to the user who has the access permission to the object that has to be moved.

ID: WBRT-9594 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse widgets may overlap with each other on a Wallboard in full-screen mode if widget's size was changed in another session.

ID: WBRT-9502 Found In: Fixed In:

The Line chart and the Time Tracking chart incorrectly display data if the Group-By functionality is enabled for the widget.

ID: WBRT-9498 Found In: Fixed In:

The column width in the Grid Widget is not preserved between page reloads or switching between tabs if the column was resized by a double click.

Workaround: Resize the column by dragging the column's border.

ID: WBRT-9384 Found In: Fixed In:

The distribution of layouts between collectors in a cluster might not be uniform.

ID: WBRT-9380 Found In: Fixed In:

The counter of Widgets might show wrong value in the Widget Management interface.

ID: WBRT-9311 Found In: Fixed In:

An Alert widget, right after its creation, might not show the correct alerts information.

Workaround: Reload the page after an Alert widget is initialized.

ID: WBRT-9214 Found In: Fixed In:

The Donut widget might show incorrect chart slices if at least one selected metric has value 0 (zero).

ID: WBRT-9213 Found In: Fixed In:

Cannot configure thresholds for alerts in a way that for any value the alert is shown.

ID: WBRT-9019 Found In: Fixed In:

You cannot migrate to Pulse release 8.5.107 from release 8.5.102 or lower.

ID: WBRT-8809 Found In: Fixed In:

Changes in a statistic propagated from the source widget template to a user's widget may be overwritten without notifying the user if the user opened the widget edit wizard before propagation and saved the widget after you propagated the changes from the widget template to the widget.

ID: WBRT-8745, WBRT-8731 Found In: Fixed In:

In widgets created from the Queue KPIs template, an incorrect value of the Wait Time statistic — up to double the actual value — is sometimes displayed.

ID: WBRT-9277 Found In: Fixed In:

The Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) log file has messages about deadlocks. No visual effects for users.

ID: WBRT-9035 Found In: Fixed In:

Objects (Dashboards, Wallboards or Widget Templates) may be imported with same name as another one if their names are identical, except the copy suffix.

Workaround: Use Save As to save an object with a new name after the import.

ID: WBRT-8724 Found In: Fixed In:

New widgets added to a Wallboard may overlap a widget existing on top-left corner, when you open it in fullscreen mode.

Workaround: Move the new widget to different position on the screen.

ID: WBRT-8231 Found In: Fixed In:

In the Microsoft Edge browser, Genesys Pulse might not exit from the wallboard's fullscreen mode the first time you press the Escape button.

Workaround: Press Escape button for a second time.

ID: WBRT-7716 Found In: Fixed In:

Duplicate rows can be shown in the dashboard and wallboard wizards after cloning an item with the same name (override original).

Workaround: Refresh the table to get the proper list of dashboards or wallboards.

ID: WBRT-7705 Found In: Fixed In:

An empty space can appear on Grid Widget (or Whole widget can became empty) after some action involving sorting and scrolling.

Workaround: Scroll the grid up or down.

ID: WBRT-7441 Found In: Fixed In: 

Scroll bars are visible on grid widget and data view even if they are not needed.

ID: WBRT-6881 Found In: Fixed In:

Pulse might show a continuous spinner during login attempt when Configuration Server is unavailable.

ID: WBRT-8626 Found In: Fixed In: 

If you remove a cloned widget from a dashboard, the remaining clones of that widget are no longer updated.

Workaround: Switch between dashboard tabs or reload the browser page.

ID: WBRT-7406 Found In: Fixed In:

The Link to Configuration Manager for shared dashboards and templates does not work with GAX release 8.5.000.xx.

Workaround: Navigate manually to GAX Configuration Management. In Environment/Scripts, you can find the Genesys Pulse Dashboards and Templates saved in Configuration Server as scripts.

ID: WBRT-7405 Found In: Fixed In: 

You cannot share a Dashboard or Template if you do not have read permission to the Scripts folder.

Workaround: Ensure that you have the correct permissions.

ID: WBRT-7059 Found In: Fixed In:

Since, you cannot download debug information.

ID: WBRT-7051 Found In: Fixed In: 

Genesys Pulse becomes unresponsive while switching between dashboards.

Workaround: Reduce the number of widgets per dashboard (especially grid and line widgets).

ID: WBRT-7020 Found In: Fixed In: 

"No Data Available" might appear on the line widget when the configured time zone in User Preferences or System Settings and the local time zone of the browser have different rules for Daylight Saving Time (for example, one has DST and the other doesn't).

Workaround: Synchronize the settings.

ID: WBRT-7017 Found In: Fixed In:

The value of a statistic with the number display format might appear as a percentage when this statistic appears together with a statistic with the percent display format on the line widget.

ID: WBRT-7014 Found In: Fixed In:

Users cannot select or clear a selection from the All columns in the Data view on an expanded widget.

Workaround: To clear selection or select all, users must manually click on every column.

ID: WBRT-7005 Found In: Fixed In:

The Widget wizard might become unresponsive when the configuration contains a large number of objects (>2000) available for selection.

Workaround: Reduce the number of objects of this type available for Genesys Pulse users by setting appropriate access permissions.

ID: WBRT-7004 Found In: Fixed In:

There is small possibility that a user cannot successfully launch an existing dashboard, seeing a "Tab not found" message if they have switched tabs or modified the widget position right after launching the dashboard and before the launched dashboard becomes active.

ID: WBRT-7003 Found In: Fixed In:

Changes made in a widget on the dashboard in one session (browser window) are not applied to the same dashboard in a second session.

Workaround: Reload your browser window to synchronize the updated information in the second session.

ID: WBRT-6999 Found In: Fixed In:

Widget positions are not preserved during dashboard cloning.

Workaround: After cloning a dashboard, move the widgets to desired positions manually.

ID: WBRT-6935 Found In: Fixed In:

A statistic selected for thresholds on the Line Widget is not saved between page reloads or switching between tabs.

Workaround: Select the statistic again.

ID: WBRT-6862 Found In: Fixed In:

Starting from release, the Genesys Pulse top level menu, including the Genesys Pulse User menu, is different from the GAX menu. The Genesys Pulse User menu does not provide the ability to set a user's home page or change the user or system preferences.

Workaround: Switch to GAX to access all menu options.

ID: WBRT-6785 Found In: Fixed In: 

All statistics of another type on the Stacked Bar chart on the expanded widget became selected after deselecting all statistics of initial type.

Workaround: Switch back to desired type.

ID: ARK-1608 Found In: Fixed In:

The order of rows in the Genesys Pulse Data view in an expanded widget might change and became unpredictable when you hide the statistic used for sorting, although the column Name is still highlighted as sorted by.

Workaround: Sort again by the desired column.

ID: ARK-1604, WBRT-7019 Found In: Fixed In:

Lists in the Widget and Template wizards might display partial data after switching between tabs and returning to previous steps.

Workaround: Scroll the list up or down until data appears.

ID: ARK-1602, ARK-1422, WBRT-6966 Found In: Fixed In: 

The Stacked Bar chart in an expanded widget might be broken when you edit the widget and hide all the statistics of a certain type.

Workaround: Reload the page with Genesys Pulse.

ID: ARK-1601 Found In: Fixed In:

The time zone configured in User Preferences is not used by the Time Tracking view (Line chart) in expanded widget or on the Line widget. The local time zone or configured in System Preferences is used instead.

ID: ARK-1591 Found In: Fixed In:

When user works with several dashboards and expanded widget tabs, the Line Widget and Time Tracking view (Line chart) lose data for the time when corresponding dashboard or tab is not in use.

Workaround: Reload the page with Genesys Pulse to see history data.

ID: ARK-1588 Found In: Fixed In:

The Stacked Bar Chart in an expanded widget displays ERROR if no statistics are selected.

ID: ARK-1562 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse does not show a message for a lost connection to a server.

ID: ARK-1447, WBRT-7076 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse does not immediately update Agents added to an Agent Group (including Virtual Agent Groups that use scripts) in widgets with Quick updates enabled. Genesys Pulse updates the agents when you receive a full snapshot.

ID: WBRT-4900 Found In: Fixed In: 

Currently, daylight saving time (DST) works only if the user preferences are set to anything other than system settings in GAX. When the user preferences are set to system settings, the system preferences show DST time correctly if use local is selected. Selecting a specific timezone in system preferences with a certain offset will hard code the offset to be literally what is shown, without adjusting for DST.

ID: WBRT-8275 Found In: Fixed In: 

For Google Chrome browsers, some users might not be able to select items in pop-up menus.

Workaround: In such cases, use another supported browser or disable touchscreen devices using a computer.

ID: WBRT-8072 Found In: Fixed In:

If the widgets limit per user is enabled, all widgets saved on the current user's dashboards are counted, which might lead to a situation where the user cannot save dashboards or create new widgets.

Workaround: Disable the widgets limit.

ID: WBRT-6333 Found In: Fixed In:

The add and edit a widget tabs stay open after you delete the dashboard or widget that is being edited. This causes errors in your widget updates.

Workaround: Manually close the open tabs.

ID: WBRT-6319 Found In: Fixed In:

In Firefox, after you delete a widget, some other widget content might disappear.

Workaround: Reload the page or resize the browser window to see the content.

ID: WBRT-6297 Found In: Fixed In:

If you repeatedly press Save while creating a widget before the tab closes, multiple widgets are added to the dashboard.

ID: WBRT-6294 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse performance might be impacted if you perform multiple operations, such as creating or editing widgets, or opening or closing multiple management tabs.

Workaround: Reload page.

ID: WBRT-6279 Found In: Fixed In:

Internet Explorer and Safari 6,7,8 are not supported.

Workaround: Use Safari 9, Chrome or Firefox browsers.

ID: WBRT-6233, WBRT-6231 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse cannot manipulate IFRAME widgets and templates as well as widgets that collect data from 3rd party Collector using the wizard, although the widgets are expected to function if created or modified by using Genesys Pulse Rest API.

ID: WBRT-6624, WBRT-5843 Found In: Fixed In:

When users are removed from the configuration, Pulse continues to write snapshots for widgets that belong to those users.

ID: WBRT-6735 Found In: Fixed In: 

For Safari browsers automatic download will not start for Dashboards, Wallboards, Templates, and Widgets when you click on the Download icon.

Workaround: You must manually save the file.

ID: WBRT-8075 Found In: Fixed In:

If you edit a Widget in one browser window (editing the object set, statistic set or refresh rate), the widget may show continuous loading in other browser window when the same dashboard is opened in two or more browsers.

Workaround: In the browser window where widget is continuously loading: Reload the browser window.

Edit the widget (the object set, statistic set, or refresh rate must be edited)

 and then reload all browser windows using the same dashboard.
ID: WBRT-5595 Found In: Fixed In:

Thresholds in Line chart might be lost when another action, such as Statistic selection, is performed in another chart.

ID: WBRT-5402 Found In: Fixed In:

The IFRAME widget becomes stuck in a pending state after you update its refresh rate.

Workaround: Refresh the page in your browser after you edit the refresh rate of IFRAME widget.

ID: WBRT-5374 Found In: Fixed In:

In some scenarios, users without privileges to manage widgets can see the field > 60 sec on the Display step while editing a widget. If the user changes the value in this field, the Widget settings cannot be saved. User must restore value in the field > 60 sec to be able to save widget.

ID: WBRT-5370 Found In: Fixed In:

Three stat types Average_Handle_Time, Continuous_Login_Time, Utilization were changed. If you migrate to Genesys Pulse 8.5.101 from previous versions, you must remove them from StatServer application options before you import the new pulse_statistics.cfg mentioned in deployment procedure.

ID: WBRT-5355 Found In: Fixed In: 

By default, the metrics Service Type, Customer Segment, Service Sub Type, and Business Result in the Agent Login template do not show any data to filter out User Data from the Reason Codes provided in the Reason metric. Workaround: To see these metrics in your report data, clone the Agent Login template, edit the Current Status metric and select the User Data check-box. Then create a new widget from your cloned template. Because the User Data is also added to the Reason metric, you might decide to delete that metric.

ID: WBRT-5354 Found In: Fixed In:

The Line Widget not available in the widget wizard when objects are selected By Group.

ID: WBRT-5282 Found In: Fixed In: 

Autoplay does not appear on the display options steps for Donut Widget.

Workaround: Change the value of Cycle by to Statistic, then select at least two statistics and change the value of Cycle by back to Objects after the autoplay option appears.

ID: WBRT-5159 Found In: Fixed In:

Users that have only Genesys Pulse Edit Widget Display permission cannot change the widget refresh rate of IFRAME widgets.

ID: WBRT-5156 Found In: Fixed In:

The value in the tooltip on the line chart might be displayed incorrectly. For example, an empty value is shown in cases when the value has more than 2 digits after the decimal point or the #NA# value is shown instead of n/a.

ID: WBRT-5154 Found In: Fixed In:

The Average_Handle_Time stat type is incorrectly defined in pulse_statistics.cfg.

Workaround: Update the StatServer options with correct stat type definition: [Average_Handle_Time] Section Category=AverageTime MainMask=CallInbound, CallInternal, CallOutbound, CallConsult, CallUnknown, CallOnHold, AfterCallWork Objects=Agent, Place, GroupAgents, GroupPlaces RelMask=CallInbound, CallInternal, CallOutbound, CallConsult, CallUnknown Subject=AgentStatus Formula=DCID

ID: WBRT-5044 Found In: Fixed In:

For Pulse releases through, users with Genesys Pulse View Dashboard privilege only cannot download debug info immediately after switching to debug mode.

Workaround: After switching to debug mode, reload page.

ID: WBRT-4971 Found In: Fixed In: 

Users with only the Genesys Pulse View Dashboard permission lose their widgets if the administrator sets a new default dashboard. In such cases, Widget was removed appears on each widget.

Workaround: Users must create a new tab, click the More menu button, and choose "Reset to default".

ID: WBRT-4928, WBRT-4915 Found In: Fixed In:

Widget previews do not display the Cycle By option for Donut and KPI widgets. Genesys Pulse properly displays the created widget.

ID: WBRT-4927 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse Grid row order in maximized view might change after you hide a statistic used for sorting. To return to the original row order, just display (un-hide) the statistic used for sorting.

ID: WBRT-4909 Found In: Fixed In:

After migration from Genesys Pulse release 8.5.000.xx to Genesys Pulse 8.5.010.xx, Genesys Pulse loses the history data collected during the previous day and used in Line charts and views of the list widget.

ID: WBRT-4859 Found In: Fixed In: 

Creating templates with a statistic that has its value set to Time Range 1 without specifying a Time Range value causes an incorrect configuration.

ID: WBRT-4854 Found In: Fixed In:

If Genesys Pulse 8.5.000.XX is used with GAX version 8.5.100.XX or 8.5.200.XX, Genesys Pulse icons are incorrect.

ID: WBRT-4791 Found In: Fixed In: 

The Line chart does not display data in scenarios when a connection problem occurred the first time data was loaded.

ID: WBRT-4675 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse truncates long values on the vertical axis of line charts, without displaying any sign of truncation.

ID: WBRT-4568 Found In: Fixed In:

You cannot use compatibility mode in Internet Explorer, even if you are using a supported version.

ID: WBRT-6857 Found In: Fixed In: 

Genesys Pulse configurations that have the output-folder option in the [transport-file] set to a path that begins with a forward slash (/) do not work correctly on Windows systems.

Workaround: Use an absolute path or relative path starting with a dot (.) for the following: output-folder option in the [transport-file] section; output-folder option in the [transport-gpb-out] in versions prior to 8.5.010, and heartbeat-folder option in the [heartbeat] section.

ID: WBRT-5673 Found In: Fixed In: 

New users receive an empty dashboard instead of the default dashboard.

ID: WBRT-4967 Found In: Fixed In:

If you use MS SQL server for your Genesys Pulse database, a database lock might appear in certain scenarios.

Workaround: Run the statement below for the Genesys Pulse DB. Replace <Genesys Pulse DB> with the name of the Genesys Pulse database and make sure that there are no other connections to the Genesys Pulse DB when you run this statement.ALTER DATABASE <Genesys Pulse DB> SET READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON;

ID: WBRT-4546 Found In: Fixed In:

After migration from Genesys Pulse 8.1.4, a KPI Widget configured for CampaignCallingList object shows the Object Unavailable message.

Workaround: Edit the widget and select the appropriate object for the KPI widget.

ID: WBRT-4393 Found In: Fixed In: 

As the result of migration from 8.1.401.xx to, some List widgets with the Headline Type Statistic may change the Headline Type to Object.

Workaround: Editing the Widget and change Headline Type back as needed.

ID: WBRT-4332 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse does not show Alerts for the Donut widgets in preview mode if Cycle By Object is selected at the Display Options step. However, Genesys Pulse still shows the Alerts in the Expand to Tab view for the widget.

Workaround: Use other types of widgets or choose Cycle By Statistic.

ID: WBRT-4330 Found In: Fixed In:

Genesys Pulse does not support The Current State Value Format.

ID: WBRT-4317 Found In: Fixed In:

GAX fails to start when you deploy Genesys Pulse into an existing functional GAX installation in the either of the following scenarios: The Genesys Pulse DAP is not configured properly. The database to which the Genesys Pulse DAP points is not available.

Workaround: Use Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator to fix the DAP configuration and restart GAX.

ID: WBRT-4129 Found In: Fixed In: 

In widgets that are expanded to tab, you can no longer print directly from the widget.

Workaround: Starting from Genesys Pulse release 8.5.x, printing is replaced with the Download Widget option. You can save the widget as a CSV file, which can then be printed.

ID: WBRT-3722 Found In: Fixed In: 

The object display name format, configured in Genesys Pulse Collector option object-name-format may not correspond to the object display format in the Object picker of Wizard. It works for Widget display only, but not for the Object selector.

ID: WBRT-3186 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In: 

Statistic and object names overlap each other when you click the All Statistics checkbox in Grouped Bar charts several times.

ID: WBRT-2583 Found In: Fixed In: 

In scenarios when the JDBC connection cannot be opened, there are no attempts to reload widgets.

Workaround: Reload the browser window.

ID: WBRT-3235 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

When editing a Template, if you edit a statistic and then select another statistic without saving, a confirmation window opens. After you save those changes, if you start to edit a second statistic and then select a third statistic without saving, a confirmation window will not open and Cancel and Close might stop responding.

ID: WBRT-3225 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

When creating a KPI widget, you can select more than ten statistics by clicking on the checkboxes instead of the labels, although only first ten statistics are saved.

ID: WBRT-3224 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

When you add or edit a widget, Genesys Pulse cannot load all the objects in the Select object dialog box if there are more than 2000 objects.

ID: WBRT-3219 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In: 

If you are using Genesys Pulse with a GAX releases 8.1.400.50 through 8.1.400.53, Genesys Pulse incorrectly allows you to create a widget containing both individual objects and groups.

Workaround: Manually remove the selected objects if you change the type of objects selection between By Individual Group and By Group.

ID: WBRT-3208 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

On an iPad, Genesys Pulse screens might not correctly display the solid background.

ID: WBRT-3206 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In: 

If widget settings, such as list of statistics, are edited while the widget is open, updates might not be updated in the open widgets for any user.

Workaround: Reload the browser window.

ID: WBRT-3191, WBRT-3180 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

When a user does not have permission to view all of the selected objects, the List and KPI widgets are not updated. To view updated widgets, reload the browser window.

ID: WBRT-3168 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

In certain scenarios, quickly switching the selection type between By Individual Object to By Group and might cause Genesys Pulse to display the wrong type of objects for selection.

Workaround: Switch the selection type and wait until the chart is refreshed to the correct state.

ID: WBRT-3166 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

A statistic newly added to a widget might not be shown in a grid.
To show the new statistic, click Columns and select the checkbox for the statistic.
ID: WBRT-3162 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

The selected objects may not be properly updated when a filter is applied to the list of objects.

ID: WBRT-3072 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

If a widget is changed on the default dashboard, Genesys Pulse might display a widget with an incorrect size and headings that overlap the graphics on a custom dashboard.

Workaround: Edit the custom dashboard widget by setting the widget type or reset the dashboard to the default dashboard.

ID: WBRT-3053 Found In: 8.1.401.03 Fixed In:

Statistics that have values of string type cannot be displayed in the chart. You must use the Grid to view statistics with values of string type.

ID: WBRT-1633 Found In: 8.1.400.13 Fixed In: 

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers. Release numbers in the Found In and Fixed In fields refer to the English (US) release of Genesys Pulse unless otherwise noted in the issue description.

The Genesys Pulse user interface and content might include English text.

Workaround: Refresh the table to get the proper list of dashboards or wallboards.

ID: WBRT-7223, WBRT-7222, WBRT-7221, WBRT-7220, WBRT-7217, WBRT-7216, WBRT-7131, WBRT-7023 Found In: Fixed In:

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