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Genesys Pulse Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
04/24/15 General X X

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What's New

  • The following stat type definitions are changed:

    • Utilization now has MainMask=CallInbound, CallInternal, CallOutbound, CallConsult, CallUnknown, CallOnHold, AfterCallWork.

    • Continuous_Login_Time now has MainMask=*,~NotMonitored,~LoggedOut.

    • Average_Handle_Time now has RelMask=CallInbound, CallInternal, CallOutbound, CallConsult, CallUnknown.

    If you upgrade Genesys Pulse from a previous release, you must overwrite the definitions of these statistics to have the correct definitions.

  • The style of scroll bars in the Grid widget is now unified with scroll bars in other Genesys Pulse widgets.

  • Genesys Pulse displays updated Agent Status icons when used with GAX release or higher.

  • Genesys Pulse introduces a new Line Widget for your dashboard.

  • The following Genesys Pulse templates are now updated:

    • Queue KPIs

    • Agent KPIs

    • Agent Group Status

    • Agent Login

    • eServices Queue KPIs

    • eServices Agent Activity

    • Email Queue Activity

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Genesys Pulse snapshot cleaning can now be disabled by setting the snapshot_expire_timeout option in the [Genesys Pulse] section to 0 (zero). (WBRT-5273)

You can now install both Genesys Pulse and GVP Reporting GAX plug-ins. Previously in this scenario, GAX could not start. (WBRT-5201)

The maximum size of the IFRAME widget is now limited to 3x3. Previously, you could not reach the More menu item if the widget was too wide. (WBRT-5171)

The Autoplay option is now available for Donut widgets when you choose the Cycle By Objects option. (WBRT-5159)

Users that have only the Edit Widget Displays privilege no longer see the refresh rate option for an IFRAME widget. Previously, if such users attempted to update the refresh rate, they could not save their widget. (WBRT-5156)

Values in the Line chart tooltip are now shown correctly. Previously, values might be incorrectly shown or not shown. (WBRT-5154)

The Genesys Pulse browser memory consumption and performance are now improved when Genesys Pulse remains open in the browser. Now a Line chart shows historical data with the following density:

  • one minute for the last 15-minute interval

  • 5 minutes for the last hour interval

  • 20 minutes for the rest

The number of objects that can be shown on a Line chart is now limited to 10. Previously, the memory consumption and performance could lead to an unresponsive browser or a browser crash. (WBRT-5153)

Genesys Pulse now shows the latest available data but with the warning message, Data is too old. Make sure that Collector is up and running. Previously, Genesys Pulse showed the messages Service Unavailable and Collector doesn't respond. Try backup. (WBRT-5119)

Switching between primary and secondary instances of Genesys Pulse must now be performed by an external load balancer. Previously, the access_url option was used for configuring a link to the backup Genesys Pulse and Genesys Pulse Collector pair. Switching between primary and secondary Genesys Pulse Collectors now is performed by Genesys Pulse (if configured). (WBRT-5119)

Genesys Pulse no longer checks permissions for access to objects in a snapshot for users with Genesys Pulse Read All Layouts privilege. Scripts that use Genesys Pulse API reduce the load on Genesys Pulse. (WBRT-5110)

Users with the appropriate privileges can now clone IFRAME templates. (WBRT-5066)

The definition of the Average_Handle_Time stat type is now correct and widgets created from the Agent KPIs template now show the correct value. (WBRT-5044)

Overall List widget performance is now improved for large data sets: scrolling and resizing work faster. The number of objects displayed in the List widget is now limited to 100. (WBRT-4973)

The Template wizard now can be cancelled or closed after a statistic was deleted during its edit. (WBRT-4970)

New users now see the default dashboard the first time they access Genesys Pulse when using GAX or higher and Genesys Pulse Previously in this scenario, Genesys Pulse displayed a blank dashboard. (WBRT-4967)

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.1 Translation Support.

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