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Known Issues and Recommendations

Genesys Rules System Rules Authoring Tool

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Genesys Rules System Rules Authoring Tool. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

On the login screen, Genesys Rules System Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) shows the incorrect older version, 8.5.304.15, and the Copyright year, 2018. GRAT must show the current version, 8.5.306.xx, and the updated Copyright year, 2022.

ID: GRS-3767 Found In: 8.5.306.02 Fixed In: 

In some languages, messages that contain variable parts do not render correctly if the message itself contains single quotation marks.

ID: GRS-3261 Found In: 8.5.303.17 Fixed In: 8.5.303.18

From GRS release 8.5.300.06 onwards, the _GRS_Environment Fact must be provided for all rule evaluations. In earlier releases, this Fact could be omitted for rules at the package level that did not use a Phase (that is, the Phase was defined to be * ). From 8.5.300.06, an empty _GRS_Environment fact must be provided in this case.

ID:  Found In: 8.5.300.06 Fixed In: 

The A/B/C Split Testing feature does not support Genesys Web Engagement in the initial GRS 8.5.3 release.

ID:  Found In: 8.5.300.06 Fixed In: 

In non-English environments, if a rule package is imported as an XML file and a non-English Business Name is specified, the name is imported as corrupted characters.

Workaround—Do not specify a Business Name in the import dialog. After import, change the Business Name on the package's General tab and then click Save.

ID: GRS-2721 Found In: Fixed In: 8.5.300.06

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers. Release numbers in the Found In and Fixed In fields refer to the English (US) release of Genesys Rules System Rules Authoring Tool unless otherwise noted in the issue description.

The 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 releases, and 8.5.3 releases up to and including 8.5.303.16, use translated Help topics that are at release 8.5.0.

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