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Managing Protocol Configuration

Even after a protocol object has been created, you can still manage and update the configuration for that protocol. This article gives an overview of how to manage protocol configuration, including code samples and a list of properties that can be changed.

Managed Configuration

Starting with Platform SDK release 8.5, each protocol tracks configuration changes and applies them in any state. Some properties (such as running timer) have a deferred effect, while others are applied immediately.

The following code samples show Genesys recommendations for changing a protocol's configuration in any state. You do not need to directly set the new configuration to an Endpoint.

[+] Java Code Sample

[+] .NET Code Sample

Managed Properties

The following tables list properties that can be changed at any time.

Properties that relate to all protocols:

Property Name Property Type Mnemonic Constant in Java Mnemonic Constant in .NET
protocol string (protocol name) Interceptor.PROTOCOL_NAME_KEY CommonConnection.ProtocolNameKey
addp-timeout float (in seconds) AddpInterceptor.TIMEOUT_KEY AddpInterceptor.TimeoutKey
addp-remote-timeout float (in seconds) AddpInterceptor.REMOTE_TIMEOUT_KEY AddpInterceptor.RemoteTimeoutKey
addp-trace int AddpInterceptor.TRACE_KEY AddpInterceptor.TraceKey
string-attribute-encoding string Connection.STR_ATTR_ENCODING_NAME_KEY ConnectionBase.StringAttributeEncodingKey

Properties that are supported by the Voice protocol:

Property Name Property Type Mnemonic Constant in Java Mnemonic Constant in .NET
tspAppName string TServerProtocol.APP_NAME_KEY TServerProtocol.ApplicationNameKey
tspPassword string TServerProtocol.PASS_KEY TServerProtocol.PassKey
tspSwitchoverTimeout long TServerProtocol.SWITCHOVER_TIMEOUT_KEY TServerProtocol.SwitchoverTimeoutKey
tspBackupReconnectInterval long TServerProtocol.BACKUP_RECONNECT_INTERVAL_KEY TServerProtocol.BackupReconnectIntervalKey

Properties that are supported by the WebMedia protocol:

Property Name Property Type Mnemonic Constant in Java Mnemonic Constant in .NET
replace-illegal-unicode-chars boolean WebmediaChannel.OPTION_NAME_REPLACE_ILLEGAL_UNICODE_CHARS WebmediaChannel.OptionNameReplaceIllegalUnicodeChars
illegal-unicode-chars-replacement string WebmediaChannel.OPTION_NAME_ILLEGAL_UNICODE_CHARS_REPLACEMENT WebmediaChannel.OptionNameIllegalUnicodeCharsReplacement

Managing Configuration Prior to Release 8.5

For releases prior to 8.5, the configuration of an existing protocol object can still be changed. However, any configuration changes made will only take effect if the protocol object is in a "Closed" state; otherwise the changes are applied the next time that protocol is opened.

The following code examples show how Genesys recommends managing protocol configuration:

[+] Java Code Sample

[+] .NET Code Sample

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