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Architecture of the Platform SDK

The Platform SDKs enable you to write client or server applications that use messages to communicate with Genesys servers.

Each SDK has one or more Protocol objects that you can use in your client applications to establish communication with the appropriate server. These objects use the native protocols of the Genesys servers they are designed to work with.

From a conceptual standpoint, your application's Protocol object, will be communicating directly with the appropriate server using the server's protocol running on TCP/IP, as shown below.

Conceptual Model of Client/Server Communication

Once you have opened a connection to the server, you are ready to send and receive messages. The Platform SDK supports two message exchange patterns. In some cases, you will need to follow the Request/Response pattern. That is, you will send a message and wait for a response, as shown below.

Request and Response

At other times, following the Unsolicited Event pattern, you simply need to wait for unsolicited messages of a certain type.

Unsolicited Event

The messages you send will be in the form of Request classes, such as RequestAgentLogin or RequestAnswerCall. The messages you receive, whether solicited or not, will be in the form of Event classes, such as EventAck or EventDialing.

As you can see, the architecture of the Platform SDKs is fairly simple — but you can use it to do some powerful things.

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