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Apache Tuning Tips

There are some useful Apache tuning tips available at http://www.devside.net/articles/apache-performance-tuning.

XML Generator Compression Options for Apache

Depending on the complexity of your Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) hierarchy, enabling Apache compression of XML files might be necessary to improve performance. Genesys Professional Services can advise you on the need for such compression in your enterprise. If required, use the following procedure.

Procedure: Apache compression for XML files

Purpose: To enable compression of XML files to reduce payload size and download times for the CCAdv dashboard updates.


In the httpd.conf file of each Apache server installation (the httpd.conf file is located in the conf folder of the Apache Web Server installation), do the following:

  1. Make sure that the following line is not commented out (that is, the line must not have the # preceding it):
    LoadModule deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.so
  2. Deflate (compress) only the files associated with the ca-xml context root by specifying the /ca-xml/ location after the ProxyPass statement. See the Example.


Add the following section after the /ca-xml/ ProxyPass statement to enable Apache compression of the XML files:

<Location "/ca-xml/">
   SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

For example:

ProxyPass /ca-xml/ ajp://host:8009/ca-xml/
<Location "/ca-xml/">
   SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
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