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Team View

Access to metrics and alerts is controlled by user roles defined by your administrator (role−based access). Only metrics to which you have access are displayed in the Team view. The entire Team view can also be suppressed based on role−based access control.

The Team view is where you can focus on the teams' overall status in real time. The information is updated and refreshed by default every 10 seconds for state data and by default every 10 minutes for performance data. The refresh rate is configured by the administrators.

Some default columns include:

  • Agent Name—The first initial and last name of an agent.
  • Alert State—The agent’s current alert state is indicated by a colored icon. In addition to red and green, a gray icon indicates the agent is not logged in.
  • State—The agent’s current state. The following table lists the available agent states, grouped alphabetically.
After Call Work Call Conferenced Logged Off Ready
Agent Work Not Ready Call Dialing Logged On Not Ready
  Call Held Monitored Talking
  Call Initiated Not Monitored  
  Call Internal Off Hook  
  Call Outbound On Hook  
  Call Unknown    
  • Time in current state—The amount of time that the agent has been in the current state (minutes:seconds).
  • Reason Code—A code indicating the reason for the agent's most recent change of state.
  • Agent ID—The agent’s identification.
  • Login Time—The login date and time of the agent.
  • Current Skill—The agent’s current skill (column availability is dependent on the Frontline Advisor configuration in your enterprise).
  • Call Type—The current call type (column availability is dependent on the Frontline Advisor configuration in your enterprise).
Administrators can suppress display of activity in groups aggregating fewer than a certain number of logged in agents. If you suppress display, the value N/A appears for all metrics.
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