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Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Administrator User's Guide

Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) and Workforce Advisor (WA) provide your company with the capability to view and analyze contact center and workforce management operations using real-time information from a central point of reference. Information business technology and operations personnel can proactively manage both business and technical aspects of the contact center operations and take action to correct problems before they affect business operations.

Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor provide a real-time display of contact center activity and workforce management for contact centers throughout the enterprise. Predefined alerting conditions on applications and contact groups are established to display alerts on the dashboard, as well as notify designated contacts. In Genesys Advisors, applications are queues or interaction queues from Genesys Stat Server, or services or call types from CISCO ICM. Contact groups are activities from Genesys WFM, contact types from IEX TotalView, and forecast groups or staff groups from Aspect eWFM. In addition, Cisco ICM peripherals are monitored and can activate an alert when they go offline.

Alert Management provides the ability to record the action taken to resolve one or more alert violations, as well as the results of that action. Each action is recorded in a separate key action report. The key action reports create a knowledge base that helps identify repetitive patterns and resolve future violations more rapidly.

With Resource Management you can change the skills, skill levels, status and call-routing behavior of agents, as well as notify the affected parties of the actions by e-mail. Changes are published to Genesys operational systems so that they have immediate impact on contact center operations.

The Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Administrator User's Guide is primarily intended for system administration-level users of the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor modules. This document focuses on using the features and functions of the System Administration module. In particular, it is a reference for system administrators responsible for configuring Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor, including configuring applications, call types, and contact groups, for managing users and for managing contacts.

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