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This section describes how to configure regions in Performance Advisors. The following screenshot shows the Regions page.

Regions Page in the Administration Module

Region Types

A region represents a subdivision of the business operations of your company within each of the following views:

  • Geographic is based on the physical location of the contact center. The applications and contact groups within a contact center fall under only one geographic region.
  • Reporting Region is management-based. Applications and contact groups within a contact center may fall within multiple reporting regions.
  • Operating Unit is based on the defined groupings of your company that are summarized and displayed on the Operating Unit view. Applications and contact groups within a contact center may fall within multiple operating units.

In the pane, alerts are shown in relation to a geographic region. CCAdv and WA filter alerts by the user’s permission to see the geographic region associated with the alerts. So, to see alerts in the alerts pane, you must have permission to the alert’s corresponding geographic region, as well as the contact center and application group related to the application or contact group that displays the violation.

Adding/Deleting a New Region in Configuration Manager

New regions can be added only in Genesys Configuration Manager. Adding and deleting regions cannot be performed in the Advisors Administration module. However, you can remove the region from the Advisors configuration. To add a new region in Configuration Manager, or to delete a region from Configuration Manager, see Advisors Business Objects.

Configuring a Region’s Attributes in Advisors

To edit a region’s active status and zero suppression status, select the region in the upper panel and edit these details in the Edit panel. Alternatively, locate the region in the list by typing the first few letters of its name in the Search field, click Search, and then select from the list. When your edits are complete, click Save. The Name and the Type fields cannot be edited. These values are configured in Configuration Manager. Complete the fields in the Edit panel as follows:

  • Active: Select whether the status of the region is active or inactive.
  • Zero Suppressed: Select Yes for contact centers where little or no activity is expected.

When you have made the Edit panel selections and saved them, the following happens:

  • If the region has been newly created in Configuration Manager, the Configured field changes to Yes to indicate that the configuration is now complete on the Advisors side.
  • An Updated Successfully message displays at the top of the page.
  • The Remove from Advisors configuration button is activated.

Removing a Region from Advisors Configuration

To remove the region from the Advisors configuration, click on the Remove from Advisors Configuration button. This removal is not synchronized back to Configuration Manager. The region continues to be present in the regions list, but displays as not configured and not active. The region completely disappears from the list only after if it is deleted from the Configuration Manager.

Before removing a region from the Advisors configuration, you must remove its assignment from contact centers and rollups.
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