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Knowledge Center Cluster

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
cms.cluster cmsPathStorage ./knowledge After restart
cms.cluster dbConnectionUrl At start/restart
cms.cluster dbDataColumnType BINARY After restart
cms.cluster dbDriverClass After restart
cms.cluster dbIdColumnType VARCHAR(255) After restart
cms.cluster dbJndiName java:comp/env/jdbc/knowledge After restart
cms.cluster dbPassword At start/restart
cms.cluster dbTimestampColumnType BIGINT After restart
cms.cluster dbUsername At start/restart
cms.cluster host After restart
cms.cluster jgroupsConfiguration TCP At start/restart
cms.cluster port 9160 After restart
cms.cluster repositoryName Genesys Knowledge Repository After restart
cms.cluster type mssql At start/restart
cms.general externalURL Immediately
cms.srl fieldcode-format-locale Immediately
cms.srl replace-blank-fieldcode false Immediately
cms.ucs asyncsync-delay 1000 Immediately
cms.ucs config-synchro-mode periodically At start/restart
cms.ucs enabled true Immediately
cms.ucs fieldcode-format-locale Immediately
cms.ucs postpone-synchro-delay 1000 Immediately
cms.ucs replace-blank-fieldcode false Immediately
cms.ucs screening-rules-sync-delay 10000 Immediately
cms.ucs standard-responses-sync-delay 10000 Immediately
cms.ucs synchronize-screening-rules false Immediately
cms.ucs synchronize-standard-responses false Immediately
configuration attributesRefreshInterval 120s Immediately
configuration skillsRefreshInterval 120s Immediately
configuration usersRefreshInterval 120s Immediately
general esReadOnly true Immediately
general knowledgebaseFolder knowledge After restart
general sessionTtl 8h Immediately
index docstatNumberOfReplicas 1 Immediately
index docstatNumberOfShards 1 Immediately
index historyNumberOfReplicas 1 Immediately
index historyNumberOfShards 1 Immediately
index minimumMasterNodes 0 immediately
index namespace default After restart
log affectedLoggers immediately
log all stdout Immediately
log compressMethod Immediately
log debug stdout Immediately
log expire 10 Immediately
log message-format custom Immediately
log outputPattern %d{dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss}| %-5.5p | %-45.80t | %-30.1000c{1} %m %ex%n Immediately
log segment 100 MB Immediately
log standard stdout Immediately
log timeConvert local Immediately
log timeFormat time Immediately
log time_convert local immediately
log time_format time immediately
log trace stdout Immediately
log verbose standard Immediately
log-extended logger-config config: level=info immediately
log-extended logger-gks gks: level=info immediately
log-extended logger-http http: level=info immediately
log-extended logger-rest timing: level=trace immediately
log-extended logger-sql p6spy: level=off immediately
log-extended logger-timing timing: level=trace immediately
multicast enabled true After restart
reporting geo CITY Immediately
reporting ttl 365d Immediately
search numberOfAnswers 6 Immediately
search numberOfAnswersInPreConfidenceSelection 20 immediately
search outOfDomainThreshold 0.5 immediately
search privilege.can-access-public true Immediately
search trendingPeriod 10 Immediately
search wordsPerMin 160 Immediately
security auth-scheme none Immediately
security password Immediately
security user-id Immediately
translation key Immediately
translation type none At start/restart
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