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An Orchestration solution supports the ability to run multiple nodes of ORS in a single, logical entity called a cluster. With ORS cluster support, you can create a scalable architecture in which the system's capacity can be scaled up.

Clustering Requirements

Deployment of ORS cluster requires that:

  • Each ORS Node should work with the same persistent storage.

Note: ORS 8.1.3 cluster deployment allows each ORS Node to have its own Universal Routing Server.

The figure below shows a simple two-Node pair in a cluster.


The above figure illustrates a simple two-ORS Node cluster deployment. It shows four ORS instances configured as two Nodes (Primary/Backup ORS applications). Each Node is running on a separate Host. Each node connects to the same T-Server. Each ORS Node connects to the same URS.

Configuring a Cluster/ORS Node

See the section on Configuring an ORS Cluster in General Deployment.

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