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Using the Pulse Plugin


Important or higher required

Genesys Knowledge Center Plugin for Pulse plugin allows you to add knowledge-centric statistics to your existing dashboards.

Plugin provides 2 widgets:

  • Dashboard: containing a set of pre–configured statistics that are embedded into the main pulse dashboards along with other measures of your environment.
  • Expanded: Kibana-based widget that allows dynamic data discovery when you expand the widget.

To add widgets to your pulse dashboard please follow the steps described in the Deployment Guide.

Dashboard Widget

the Dashboard Widget provides a small component with major knowledge KPI that is embedded into the pulse dashboard along with other environment metrics and statistics. The Widget shows the information for a particular knowledge base within a specified period of time from now. KPIs shown on the widget are:

  • Search – number of search requests executed
  • Feedback - % of the search request that users provided feedback on
  • Sentiment - % of ‘like’ feedback
  • Confidence – average confidence of the first documents returned on the search requests
  • Deflection- % of the search queries that end up with indication that no answer had been found
Pulse Plugin Displaying KPIs

Expanded Widget

When you expand the Knowledge Center dashboard Widget to the full tab mode you will see the Expanded Widget that allows data discovery and analysis within your cluster. The Widget is based on the Kibana and delivers all of its power for data analysis. The Widget consists of:

  • Daily Trends by User Activity and Mean Confidence
Pulse Plugin Displaying Daily Trends
  • Event Charts
Pulse Plugin Event Charts
  • Top Trending Topics
Pulse Plugin Trending Topics
  • Activity History
Pulse Plugin Activity History
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