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Configuring Windows certificates

When the iWD application has Transport Layer Security (TLS) configured for any connection which supports Windows certificates, follow one of the two procedures below to enable it as a Windows Service:

Either: Import the certificate to the Local System Account using one of the two following commands:

  • psexec.exe –i –s mmc.exe and then import the certificate for the user who is the local system account.
  • psexec.exe -i -s certutil -f -user -p [password] -importpfx [path to the certificate]


  1. Import the certificate for a local host user.
  2. Select the Windows service related to the application.
  3. Select the Log On tab. The default setting is Log on as local system account.
  4. Select Log on as this account and provide the login/password of a local host user.
The psexec.exe command with flag -s executes the specified program under the system account. psexec is part of the PS Tools which can be downloaded from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/sysinternals.
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