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iWD Manager connections

PSDK client to Message Server, UCS, Interaction Server

  1. Open GAX -> Applications -> <iWD Manager Server app> -> connections.
  2. Make sure it has a secured connection to the Message Server application.
  3. Change the connection to UCS to a Secured port.
  4. Change the connection to Interaction Server to a Secured port.

REST server

  1. Open GAX -> Applications -> <iWD Manager Server app> -> ports -> default.
  2. Change it to Secured listening mode.
  3. Fill Certificate and Trusted CA fields with JKS keystore and truststore files.
  4. Add Transport parameters tls-mutual=1, keystore-password, truststore-password, provider=JKS. The final string should look like this:
    • tls=1;certificate=/genesys/TLS/keystore.jks;trusted-ca=/genesys/TLS/truststore.jks;keystore-password=KSPASSWD;truststore-password=TSPASSWD;tls-mutual=1;provider=JKS

PSDK client to Configuration Server

  1. Open GAX -> Applications -> <iWD Manager Client app>
  2. Make sure it has a connection to the Configuration Server application.
  3. Open the connection to Configuration Server and add the following transport parameters:
    • For Linux:
      • certificate=<path to PEM certificate file>;certificate-key=<path to PEM certificate key file>;trusted-ca=<path to PEM certificate truststore file>;tls-mutual=1
    • For Windows:
      • certificate=<certificate_thumbprint>;trusted-ca=<truststore_thumbprint>;tls-mutual=1
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