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iWD Business Process - Contents

The iWD business process (IWDBP) contains the following strategies:

  • Classification
  • Prioritization
  • Distribution
  • MarkInteractionAsDone
  • Removal
  • InvokeUCS
  • InvokeGRE

The iWD business process contains the following subroutines:

  • FindObjectListName
In release 8.5.105, the DetermineESPServerName and DetermineRulePackageName subroutines are amalgamated into and replaced by FindObjectListName
  • CheckBusinessValueAndPriority

The iWD business process contains the following queues:

  • iWD_New
  • iWD_Captured
  • iWD_Queued
  • iWD_Canceled
  • iWD_Rejected
  • iWD_Completed
  • iWD_ErrorHeld

The Interaction Queues that are included in the out of the box IWDBP business process must be present. The names can be changed, but it is necessary to appropriately configure iWD with new names. The Global Task List looks for the defined Interaction Queue names. If you modify the business process to add additional queues or rename existing queues, and the change is not reflected in the configuration of iWD, the interactions display in the Global Task List with the status Queued. In this document it is assumed that original queue names are used.

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