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Modifying the iWDBP

For most environments, the only modification that will need to be made to the iWD Business Process is to the Distribution strategy. The recommended approach to doing this is:

    1. Add a new strategy into the iWD Business Process
    2. Replace the connection from iWD_Queued/All view to the Distribution routing strategy with a connection from iWD_Queued to your own routing strategy where distribution logic is described.
    3. Link your new distribution strategy to the out of the box iWD_Completed queue.

By modifying the business process in this way, rather than simply updating the provided Distribution strategy, you can easily import any new versions of the iWD Business Process that might be available in the future (the links will have to be re-established to your own distribution strategy).

You can also add additional interaction queues into the IWDBP business process, based on your business requirements. However, keep the following points in mind:

  • The iWD_Queued queue (or its equivalent defined in the Solution configuration) must be present for Data Mart to properly count interactions/tasks. You can add other queues to the business process, but only after interactions have passed through the iWD_Queued queue.
  • Data Mart can properly determine when to consider a task as complete, only if the final queue in the business process is one of the following:
    • iWD_Rejected
    • iWD_Canceled
    • iWD_Completed

or their equivalents defined in the Solution configuration.

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