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DevGuide2.png Purpose: To provide information about customizable commands.

Learn about Workbin Commands

These commands manage selections in workbins.

Read Use Customizable Commands to see code snippets which demonstrate the usage of the commands.

Managing Workbin Selections

The following commands cover:

  • Selections in workbins;
  • Push and Pull interactions.
Chains of Commands to Manage Workbin Selections
Default Commands Parameters
Chain InteractionPossibleToMoveToWorkbin
  • IsWorkbinDestinationDefined
  • WorkbinId: String<ref name="String" />
  • WorkbinOptionName: String<ref name="String" />
  • CommandParameter: IInteractionOpenMedia<ref name="IInteractionOpenMedia" >Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.OpenMedia.Model.Interaction.IInteractionOpenMedia</ref>
Chain WorkbinPreSelectedByName
  • ShowSelectedDetail
Chain WorkbinPullInteraction
  • ShowSelectedDetail
Chain WorkbinPushInteraction
  • ShowSelectedDetail
Chain WorkbinSelected
  • NewWorkbinSelected
  • WorkbinName: string<ref name="string" > System.string</ref>
  • WorkbinNameDisplay: string<ref name="string" />
  • WorkbinGroupName: string<ref name="string" />
  • WorkbinGroupNameDisplay: string<ref name="string" />


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