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DevGuide2.png Purpose: To provide information about customizable commands for the supervision features.
Created in: 8.1.300.17

Learn about Supervision

The following commands apply to supervisor buttons available in toolbars and toaster components that your application can customize. For further information, see Views and Regions, which lists the type of available components.

Read Use Customizable Commands to see code snippets which demonstrate the usage of the commands.

Manage Monitoring

The following commands are use to manage supervision.

Chains of Commands to Manage Monitoring
Default Commands Parameters
Chain TeamLeadEndMonitoring
  • EndMonitoring
Chain TeamLeadEndMonitoringChat
  • EndMonitoringChat
Chain TeamLeadEndMonitoringVoice
  • EndMonitoringVoice
Chain TeamLeadIntrudeCurrentChat
Available since: 8.1.300.17
  • IntrudeCurrentChat
  • AddRecentCall
  • RecentIndex: ObjectTC<ref name="ObjectTC" />
Chain TeamLeadIntrudeCurrentVoice
Available since: 8.1.300.17
  • IntrudeCurrentVoice
  • AddRecentCall
  • RecentIndex: ObjectTC<ref name="ObjectTC" />
Chain TeamLeadIsItPossibleToMonitor
Available since: 8.1.300.17
  • IsItPossibleToMonitor
  • CommandParameter: String<ref name="String" >System.String</ref> (employeeID)
  • IsItPossibleToMonitor: Boolean<ref name="Boolean">System.Boolean</ref>, output parameter
Chain TeamLeadMonitorAll
  • MonitorAllVoiceCalls
  • MonitorAllChatInteractions
  • AddRecentCall
  • RecentIndex: ObjectTC<ref name="ObjectTC" >Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.TeamCommunicator.ObjectTC</ref>
  • AddToTrackingList
Chain TeamLeadSetSupervisorBargeInChat
  • SetSupervisorBargeInChat
Chain TeamLeadSetSupervisorBargeInVoice
  • SetSupervisorBargeInVoice
Chain TeamLeadSetSupervisorCoachChat
  • SetSupervisorCoachChat
Chain TeamLeadSetSupervisorCoachVoice
  • SetSupervisorCoachVoice
Chain TeamLeadSetSupervisorMuteVoice
  • SetSupervisorMuteVoice
Chain TeamLeadStopMonitor
  • StopMonitorVoiceCalls
  • StopMonitorChatInteractions
  • RemoveFromTrackingList
  • AddRecentCall
  • RecentIndex: ObjectTC<ref name="ObjectTC" />

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