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T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector

This section describes specific issues with the T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector that might require troubleshooting.

Call Related Errors

Rejecting or Aborting Calls

For rejected or aborted call errors, check the SNMP MIB table, UCMCSummaryTable. The contents of the UCMCSummaryTable are printed in the log file at regular intervals. You can also check the SNMP Statistics Summary.

4xx, 5xx, or 6xx Error Responses

The 4xx, 5xx, or 6xx error responses from SIP Server and Resource Manager will be logged in the UCM-C logs. The calls on SIP/MSML and CP4SM side can be related using the Call LegID received in the CP4SM message.

Tracing Calls and Media Operations

For tracing calls and media operations, separate ULIDs have been declared that can be leveraged during load tests for troubleshooting call related issues.

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