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Debugging T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector

To debug issues with T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector, you might require specific logs, such as the call tracing and the media operations related to call leg.

To obtain these logs, use the following log configuration option and value:

[ems]logconfig.MFSINK option value in the format *|*|*


  • The first * (asterisk) represents the log level, and the valid values are 0–5.
  • The second * (asterisk) represents the module ID.
  • The third * (asterisk) represents the Universal Logon ID (ULID).

To print logs associated with the T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector module, use 244 for the module ID. For example, to obtain the call establishment/teardown messages along with SIP message exchange, use the following:


To get media operations related information, use:


To troubleshoot specific calls, enable both of them as follows:


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