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Debugging CTI Connector and ICM Client

To debug issues with CTI Connector (CTIC) and Cisco’s Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Client, you might not require full logs but specific logs, such as, SIP messages and GED-125 messages.

To obtain these logs, use the following log configuration option and value:

[ems]logconfig.MFSINK option value in the format *|*|*


  • The first * (asterisk) represents the log level and the valid values are 0-5.
  • The second * (asterisk) represents the module ID.
  • The third * (asterisk) represents the Universal Logon ID (ULID).

CTI Connector modules

Three modules exist within the CTI Connector:

  • CTIC Adaptor
  • IVR Server Client
  • Cisco ICM Client

To print logs that are associated with the CTIC Adaptor module; use a value of 171; For the ICM Client module, use a value of 173 . Examples

  1. To obtain GED-125 message flows only, use the following value:
  2. To obtain SIP message flows only:
  3. To obtain both GED-125 and SIP message flows, use the following values, appending them with the | (bar) symbol:

Reserved ULIDs

The following table contains the ULIDs that are reserved for the CTIC Adapter and ICM Client.

ULID Configuration Option Description
ICM Client
1626 ICMC_MESSAGE_EXCHANGE_INFO All messages exchanged between CTIC & ICM.
1634 ICMC_CALL_INFO Session-specific logs. For example, OPEN/CLOSE.
1637 ICMC_SESSION_INFO Call-specific logs.

Printing a Call Statistics Summary to a Log File

Print a Call Statistics Summary to a log file by using the following configuration: [CTIC] LogMIBStatsInterval=180

Set this configuration option to -1 to disable this feature. The default value is 180. The minimum and maximum values for this option are 30 and 1800, respectively. See the following sample Call Statistics Summary:

Sample Call Statistics Summary:

Total Calls = 28
Total Calls Completed = 32
Total Calls Failed AtCTI = 4
Total Calls Failed AtGVPPlatform =
Total Active Calls = 0
Total Queued Calls =
Total Bridged Calls =
Total RouteResponses Received =
Total Default Agent Number Received =
Total NewCall Failed = 3
Total RouteRequest Failed =
Total SIP Calls/Legs = 52
Total SIP Calls/Legs Answered = 48
Total SIP Calls/Legs Rejected = 4
Total SIP Calls/Legs Completed = 48
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