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Integrating Media Server for MSML

The following describes the basic steps required to integrate Genesys Media Server for MSML.

Create a Voice over IP DN. See Configuring an MSML Service.

Configure the following GVP components to their default settings:

  • Resource Manager
  • Media Control Platform
SIP Server and Resource Manager use the same port 5060. If both are deployed on the same host, you may have to change port numbers to avoid conflicts. Genesys suggests shifting the port numbers in the Resource Manager options up by 100—from 5060-5067 to 5160-5167. For more information, see the Genesys Media Server 8.1 Deployment Guide.

1. Create a resource group for the MCP instances that will be used to provide MSML service.

2. Configure the resource group with the following minimum mandatory options:

  • load-balance-scheme—Set to round-robin.
  • monitor-method—Set to option.
  • port-usage-type—Set to in-and-out.
  • resource-confmaxsize—Set to -1.
  • service-types—Ensure that msml is included in the list of servicetypes.
For more information, see the Genesys Media Server 8.1 Deployment Guide.

Ensure that the MCP instances are included on the Connections tab of the Resource Manager Application object.

1. In the rm section, configure the following parameters:

  • rm.conference-sip-error-respcode—Set to 503.
  • rm.resource-available-respcode—Set to 603.
2. In the monitor section, configure the following parameter:
  • sip.proxy.realeaseconfonfailure—Set to false.

Create a new IVR Profile to be used as the default for your particular tenant.

1. In the Voice Platform Profiles folder, create a new GVP IVRProfile.

2. On the Annex tab of the IVR Profile, create a gvp.general section, adding the following option:

  • service-type—Set to voicexml.

Assign the IVR Profile as the default for your tenant.

1. Right-click your Tenant object, then select Properties.

2. On the Annex tab of the Properties window, create a gvp.general section.

3. Add the following options:

  • default-application—Set to the name of the default IVR Profile.
  • service-type—Set to voicexml.

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