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Genesys Voice Platform Recording

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) provides various media services beyond IVR, and depending on the usage, GVP can be configured as various different DN types on SIP Server. The following table shows the list of DN types and whether recording is supported for each DN type.

DN Type Usage Can be recorded by SIP Server Generates Tevents
VoIP Service Media services such as music-on-hold, conferencing, call parking, recording No No
Voice Treatment Port Legacy IVR ports for both inbound and outbound IVR calls Yes Yes
Trunk Group DN Call Progress Detection (CPD) and proactive notification (outbound GVP IVR calls) Yes Yes
Trunk DN Inbound GVP IVR calls No No

To achieve dynamic recording controls or recording rules, you must configure a Trunk Group DN for inbound IVR. However, note that Trunk Group DNs do not support prefix matching, so you will need to create one Trunk Group DN for each DID for the IVR.


  1. Create a DN with the type Trunk Group.
  2. In the Annex tab, create a section named TServer, and configure the following options and values:
    • contact—sip:msml@<RMHost>:<RMPort>
    • refer-enabled—false
    • make-call-rfc3725-flow—1
    • ring-tone-on-makecall—false
    • request-uri—sip:msml@<RMHost>:<RMport>;gvp-tenantid=<Tenant_Name>
    • subscription-id—<the name of this Trunk Group DN>
    • cpd-capability—mediaserver
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