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Calls are not being recorded

  • If calls are not being recorded, start troubleshooting from SIP Server by checking if the following attached data keys are present:
  • If neither key is present, one of the following is likely:
    • Nothing is configured. Follow the instructions above to check if an attached data is present, and then enable recording on the Third Party Vendor side.
    • Only the Genesys side is configured. Enable recording on the Third party vendor side.
  • If only the RECORDING_STATUS_GIM key is present with the value RECORDING_NO:
    • Check the SIP Server log to see if SIP Server received a PrivateRequest request from the Third Party Vendor.
      • If the request was received, but SIP Server returned an error code, recording is not configured on Genesys side.
      • If the request was not received, the recording rule did match a call.
    • If the PrivateRequest was received and handled correctly (SIP Server returned success response), there is mismatch between RTP and TLib events.
      • Check that the record option is set to true on the trunk, or if the recording-filename option has non empty value.
  • If only the GSIP_RECORD key is present:
    • The Third Party Vendor has disconnected from SIP Server. Restart the core process and determine why there was a disconnection.
    • The Third Party Vendor is not configured, but the record option is set on the DN level. Enable recording on the Third Party Vendor side.
  • If the GSIP_RECORD option is set to OFF, and the RECORDING_STATUS_GIM option is set to RECORDING_NO, there was an error during recording.
  • Follow SIP logs in SIP Server, MCP and in Resource Manager and check for the following:
    • Whether both DNs were properly connected to the MCP. Check if both reINVITEs sent to the phone and the gateway are okay.
    • Whether the MCP is sending the correct INVITE record=<value> to the correct Resource Manager after parties are connected to MCP.
    • Whether the Resource Manager forwards the INVITE record to the external recording system.
    • Whether the external system received an INVITE record= and whether it responded correctly to this INVITE.
  • If the GSIP_RECORD option is set to ON, and the RECORDING_STATUS_GIM option is set to RECORDING_NO, there is a mis-configuration in the default profile. Check the section name, the option names, and the values.

SIP Server failure

If the RequestPrivateService message is submitted to start recording with any value containing an integer value instead of string value, SIP Server will fail.

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