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Managing Mailboxes

This section describes how to create and delete mailboxes.

Resultset next.png Creating a Voice Mailbox

Deleting a Voice Mailbox Deleting a Voice Mailbox

Administering a Group Mailbox Administering a Group Mailbox

Creating a Voice Mailbox

You can use Genesys Framework Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator. Prerequisites

  • A DN that will use the mailbox. It could be the DN that is assigned to a specific person, or a DN that anyone can use.
  • Administration privileges. (See Defining Administrators.)


  1. Identify the DN that will be associated with the mailbox.
  2. Open the DN with Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator.
  3. In the Properties dialog box, select the Annex tab, and then the TServer section.
  4. Add the option gvm_mailbox, and assign to it a unique mailbox number. The mailbox number can only be a positive integer (no letters or symbols). To keep use and management simpler, you may wish give the mailbox the same number as the DN.
  5. Click OK to save your changes. The default password for the mailbox is the mailbox number. Because that is easy to guess, mailbox owners should change the password when requested during Enrollment. They can use a telephone (Changing Your Personal Options) or a web browser (Settings Dialog Box).


Deleting a Voice Mailbox

Use the Web Administrator interface. Start

  1. Point your browser to the Genesys SIP Voicemail Web Administrator interface and log in. See Administrator Web Page.
  2. Specify the mailbox to delete.
  3. Select Delete Mailbox.

End Note: When you delete a mailbox using the GSVM User Interface, you must also delete it manually from the configuration environment by removing the gvm_mailbox option from the Annex tab of the corresponding DN or agent login object, to prevent the mailbox from reappearing after a SIP Voicemail Server restart.

Administering a Group Mailbox

To users, a group mailbox behaves in mostly the same way as a private mailbox. It is an ordinary mailbox that can be accessed by multiple users, with these variations:

  • User access will vary slightly; some users may need to specify the mailbox to connect to.
  • Each phone may need to be configured so that messages key connects to the correct voicemail access number.
  • System administrators can configure the group mailbox for multiple users by assigning these users to the mailbox's DN with Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator.

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