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Administrator Web Page

You can access the Administrator Web Page directly from your web browser. Use the links below to log in to the Web Page, and access the various admin commands.

Objective Related procedures and actions
Logging in to the Web Page Complete the following procedure:

Resultset next.png Administrator Web Page Login

Using the Web Page See the list of admin commands here:

Resultset next.png Using the Administrator Web Page

Administrator Web Page Login

Prerequisites The computer that you are using must be able to establish a network connection to the host where Genesys SIP Voicemail is installed. Start

  1. Open a web browser and enter the following UID in the Address field:
    ...where <hostname> is the server where Genesys SIP Voicemail is installed and <port> is 8080 (Genesys SIP Voicemail's default HTTP port).
  2. Enter your Username and Password into those fields and click Login.


Using the Administrator Web Page

The Genesys SIP Voicemail Administrator web page displays the mailbox number in the upper right corner, and the command Logout. Three buttons on the second line offer the commands Reset Mailbox, Delete Mailbox, and New Search. Below is a list of all commands and displays:

Genesys SIP Voicemail Administration Web Page Commands
Command Description
Logout Exits the Genesys SIP Voicemail Administration web page.
Reset Mailbox Deletes all current messages and resets the password / max message count to their defaults, with confirmation.
Delete Mailbox Deletes the current mailbox, with confirmation.You must also delete the mailbox manually from the configuration environment by removing the gvm_mailbox option from the Annex tab of the corresponding DN or agent login object, to prevent the mailbox from reappearing after a SIP Voicemail Server restart.
New Search Displays the Mailbox Search dialog box, where you can search for any mailbox by DN, by Agent Login, or by Mailbox number.
Unlock (status) Unlocks the mailbox if its status is Locked. Disabled if the mailbox status is Unlocked.
Reset (password) Opens the Change Password dialog box.
Messages Displays the number of messages. Display only.
Max Messages Displays the current maximum number of messages that Genesys SIP Voicemail will allow this mailbox to contain.Change (maximum) displays the Setting / Max Messages dialog box, where you enter a new number.Reset (to the default) is enabled only if the current maximum is not the default.
Source Displays the DN number and the Switch that holds it. Display only.

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