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Updating Linear Rules

Follow these steps to update an existing linear rule:

  1. Navigate to the rule package to which the linear rule belongs in the Explorer Tree (verify that you have selected the correct Tenant from the Tenant drop-down list). Select the correct node in the Explorer Tree (the level at which the rule was defined) and click the Rules tab.
  2. Important
    You can also use the Search feature to locate rules.
  3. Locate the linear rule in the list and update the information as needed. Refer to Creating Linear Rules for details about the fields that can be updated. Any changes that you make to the Rule Summary are saved automatically. Click Save to save any changes made to the body of the rule. Provide a check-in comment that summarizes the changes you made. This will appear in the Audit History.
When you make any modifications to the body of a rule, you "lock" the rule, which prevents others from being able to make changes to the same rule at the same time. The unsaved icon Grs auth-tool unsaved.gif will appear on the rule summary to alert you that you need to save your changes. For any other user, the locked icon Grs auth-tool lock.gif appears on the rule summary and the Save and Cancel buttons are disabled. In addition, other users are unable to make changes to the rule because it is marked "read only".

When you are editing rules, be careful not to clear your browsing history or cookie data, as this might cause the rule to be stuck in a locked state. Unsaved changes could be lost.

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