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Genesys Rules System Architecture

The schematic below shows the main Genesys Rules System (GRS) building blocks, their interrelationships, and the external components that are involved.

GRS Arch1.png

There are three main aspects of GRS:

  • The Genesys Rules Development Tool (GRDT) is an Eclipse plug-in that allows advanced users (business rules developers) to create templates that define the discrete rule conditions and actions that will comprise the rules. Each rule condition and action includes the plain-language label that the business rules author will see, as well as the rule language mapping that defines how the underlying data will be retrieved or updated.
  • The Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) is a browser-based application used by business analysts to create and edit business rules based on the templates created in the Genesys Rules Development Tool.
  • The Genesys Rules Engine (GRE) evaluates the rule packages (groups of rules). Rule packages are deployed to the Rules Engine by the Rules Authoring Tool. When a rule package has been deployed, Genesys applications will be able to request the Rules Engine to evaluate the logic that is defined in this rule package.
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