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Migration to 8.1.4

From 8.1.3

  1. In 8.1.4, the repository database configuration has been moved to a Database Access Point (DAP). Create and configure a DAP and add it as a connection to the GRAT application object. You will no longer be prompted for database configuration information during the installation process.
  2. See the following procedures for details of how to create a DAP:

  • Undeploy the 8.1.3 .war file from your application server.
  • Important
    Do not just copy the 8.1.4 .war file over the 8.1.3 .war file in your application server directory. Genesys recommends undeploying the previous file first and leting the application server clean up its files, then deploying the new .war file.
  • Deploy the 8.1.4 .war file to your application server.
  • Important
    If you have a very large repository database, it may take several minutes the first time you deploy the 8.1.4 .war file, as GRAT must rebuild the index cache. Once this process is complete, the user will be able to log in to the system.
  • Log into 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Authoring Server.

  • From 8.1.2 and 8.1.1

    1. From the 8.1.1 or 8.1.2 Genesys Rules Authoring Server:
      1. Click on each tenant and export the templates associated with that tenant as an XML file.
      2. Click on each rule package that you wish to migrate and export as an XML file.
    2. Create a new database for GRAT 8.1.4 (leaving the old one in place).
    3. Install 8.1.4 Genesys Rules System.
    4. Start 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Authoring Server. This creates the tables inside the new database.
    5. Log into 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Authoring Server.
    6. For each tenant, import the template XML file (from step 1a).
    7. For each tenant, and under each solution, click on New Rule Package and import the corresponding rule package XML file (click the Auto-save option).
    8. Redeploy each rule package to the corresponding 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Engine(s).
    9. Optionally, from 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Deployment Tool, you may import the templates from the 8.1.4 Genesys Rules Authoring Server.

    See the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool Help for explicit steps for exporting and importing templates and rules.

    Running an 8.1.4 Rules Authoring Server against an 8.1.2 repository can result in a corrupted repository that will no longer be useable by any version of the Rules Authoring Server.
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