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Changes in 8.1.2

In release 8.1.2, in addition to the action resulting from evaluation of the conditions in a rule that executes, the GRE returns to the application a list of the names of each rule executed, and in addition, for decision tables, the name of each row that was executed. For the REST interface, the GRE returns an array of rule names within an executionResult block. For example:

        <string>Rule-110 Dept ABC</string>
        <string>Rule-118 Process XYZ</string>

For the ESP interface, the GRE returns the following two parameters on the ESP response:

  • NumberOfRulesApplied - A count of the number of rules or decision tables rows that evaluated to true.
  • RulesApplied - The names of the rules or decision tables rows that evaluated to true. The names are separated by semicolons. The rules are listed in the order of execution. If a rule is executed multiple times it will appear in the list multiple times.
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