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Integrating Dialog Engine

Without Dialog Engine, Genesys Intelligent Automation runtime execution is static in nature, progressing from block to block in a flow determined by responses to previous blocks. Menu and Question blocks are executed in order, with few exceptions (identification information can be saved for the duration of the call, and some information can be stored between calls by a customer). On the customer's side, the response to these blocks must be made in a rather staccato style and exactly as requested; the response applies only to the question asked and additional information (such as combining responses to multiple blocks in the response to one block) is ignored.

In release 9.0, integration of Intelligent Automation with Dialog Engine allows a user to use natural language when responding, even entering multiple pieces of information in a single response. From the customer response, Dialog Engine infers the relevant information contained in that response, enabling some subsequent Menu and Question blocks in the call flow to be skipped, because the information is already available. The result of this is a successful conversation that is shorter than that of the older directed-dialog approach.

This section describes how to integrate with Dialog Engine to improve communication with your customers. Currently, only channels supported by Genesys Bot Gateway are available.

How it works

Dialog Engine works in the background, and lets Intelligent Automation communicate directly with the customer. When applicable, Intelligent Automation passes information from the customer to Dialog Engine. Dialog Engine then passes information back to Intelligent Automation based on that response, either a question or statement for the customer, or a navigation instruction for Intelligent Automation. At a Menu or Question block, if the information is available to Dialog Engine (from a previous response by the customer), it provides the required information on the customer's behalf, and the call proceeds to the next appropriate block, invisible to the customer. If the information is not available, the block is processed as usual.

How to integrate with Dialog Engine

To integrate with Dialog Engine, do the following:

  1. In Dialog Engine, contact Jonathan McKenzie to request two accounts, 'test' and 'production'. When your account is set up, you will be provided with a Bot ID, a username, and a password for each account.
  2. In the Intelligent Automation interface, go to Administration > Default Server Settings and update the Production (in blue, below) or Test (in red, below) settings with the account information you just received. An example is shown below: GIA 90i1 DE-settings.png
  3. Add a path to the Defaults block of each call flow with which you will be using Dialog Engine. This will go back up the call flow if the engine determines it has gone down the wrong path, and restart the conversation using the defaults.
  4. For all points in all call flows for which you expect Dialog Engine to consider the query finished, in the Preferences tab of the Offer another query dialog box, make sure that the Reset Dialog Engine preference is set to True. This will ensure that Dialog Engine will offer the friendly Is there anything else I can help you with? before it terminates the call.


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