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Accessing voicemail from the web

To access your voicemail from a web browser:

  1. Using your user credentials, log into GAX (GAX IP address:port/gax). If you are using Firefox, you might first need to install the QuickTime player.
  2. Under Operations > SIP Voicemail & Call Settings, select a mailbox, which can belong to you personally or to a device or group to which you are assigned. If you have permission, you can:
    • Listen to or delete messages for any type of mailbox.
    • Control message playback: forward, rewind, pause, and adjust volume.
    • View the expiration date of each message (the date on which the system automatically deletes the message).
    • Click Settings and:
      • Change the mailbox password.
      • Activate a greeting that you have recorded using the telephone.
      • Enable or disable voicemail (only Group Mailbox Administrators can do so for group mailboxes).
      • View (but not set) the mailbox time zone and language.
    • Group Mailbox Administrator only: Click Group Mailbox Notifications to set email or web notification preferences. See Voicemail notifications for details.
      • To receive email notifications, select On from the Email Notifications menu, and type the group email address in the Email field. To stop receiving these notifications, select Off from the Email Notifications menu.
      • To receive web notifications, select On from the HTTP Notifications menu, and type the group phone number in the Phone number field. To stop receiving these notifications, select Off from the HTTP Notifications menu.

Dos and Don'ts:

  • When accessing mailboxes through the web, you cannot use the mailbox number as your login. Use only your user credentials to log in to any associated device mailboxes.
  • When you try to play a purged message, you hear "Sorry, this message has been deleted by another user."
  • Until you delete them, expired messages count toward the maximum number of allowed messages.
  • Automatic purging of voicemails does not reset the "new message" light on your phone.
SIP Feature Server’s UI has been deprecated from version dated 09/14/16, and is not supported any further. Therefore, all administrative tasks must be performed using GAX.
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