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Accessing voicemail from a local telephone

Your desktop telephone might have a Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) in the form of a light or an LED display, which indicates that this phone's mailbox has new messages waiting.

To access your voicemail from a telephone connected to your internal telephone system:

  1. Press the voicemail key, if your phone includes one, or dial the voicemail access number. Your method of access depends upon your specific telephone model.
  2. Enter your mailbox number and password, as required. If you are accessing your voicemail for the first time, you must change your password.
  3. From the main menu, select from the following options:
    • Press 1 to play new messages. (Messages become old after 1 play.)
    • Press 3 to play old messages.
    • Press 4 to reach the greetings menu.
    • Press 5 to record your name or change your password.
    • Press 6 to access a group mailbox, if available to you. Press 1 and enter a group mailbox number or press 2 to hear a list of all available group mailboxes.
  4. Use these commands while any message plays:
    • Press 1 to rewind 10 seconds.
    • Press 2 to pause or resume.
    • Press 3 to forward 10 seconds.
    • Press 4 to play a voice menu, which lists all commands for listeners.
    • Press 5 to hear envelope information about the call, for example: message length (in H:M:S) and Caller ID of sender.
    • Press 6 to forward the message.
    • Press 7 to delete. (Message is saved if not deleted.)
    • Press # (number sign) to go to the next message.
    • Press * (asterisk) to cancel and return to the main menu.

Note: In the Telephone User Interface (TUI), mailboxes can be accessed only with mailbox credentials (mailbox number). Using DN, agent, or user credentials to access mailboxes is not supported.

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